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PICA Tokenomics Sheet

Check out the PICA token sheet.

Powering cross-ecosystem IBC and Solana restaking.

A unified network supporting multiple L1 blockchains across Polkadot, Cosmos Ethereum, Solana and beyond.

The cornerstone of our technical stack.

Picasso enables the realization of a fully interoperable future.

Product suite.

Picasso houses a variety of cross-ecosystem applications, assets, and tools to provide enhanced utility and value to users and builders

Secure interoperability as a primitive.

The first implementation of IBC outside of Cosmos.

Cross-ecosystem transfers

Trustless dApp.

Trustless is the user-facing dApp for Composable, which leverages and expands upon the existing Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. The IBC protocol previously allowed for trust-minimized communication between Cosmos SDK chains; however, Trustless is the first extension of IBC to various new ecosystems such as Polkadot, Kusama, and Ethereum.

trustless app dapp composable picasso ibc

Connections (to date)

+20 networks

Volume (to date)


Users (to date)


Transactions (to date)



Enabling cohesive user experiences.

Elevate your DeFi experience with our diverse toolset, blending wallet integration, real-time transaction visualization, and a cross-chain explorer. Seamlessly manage assets, monitor transactions, and explore multiple networks for a comprehensive and streamlined digital finance journey."

Reality, reimagined.

Building the future of DeFi together.